We would like to provide real hydrogen-rich water. It has taken us 17 years.
A completely new innovative way of thinking: "We must take responsibility of hydrogen concentration"
"Hydrogen water 7.0"
: Hydrogen-rich water with a hydrogen concentration of 7.0 ppm that now comes with the world’s first "hydrogen measuring reagent"

We believe that hydrogen must make a revolutionary change or "paradigm shift" in future health and medical care. In order not to crush the potential, first of all, the present actual conditions should be improved radically.
(As of May 30, 2012)

According to the Food Sanitation Law, nothing other than those accepted as a food additive may have contact with food (water).
"Metal magnesium" is used in all products referred to as "Hydrogen generating stick." "Metal magnesium" is not a food additive. Moreover, magnesium oxide never generates hydrogen. Nothing but "metal magnesium" of those including the word magnesium will generate hydrogen. Therefore, they will violate the Food Sanitation Law.
Furthermore, chemical components other than magnesium including "hydro-" or its derivative, such as "calcium hydrite", "magnesium hydrite", and "sodium borohydrite", which may sometimes be seen, will generate hydrogen. However, they are not food additives. This will be understood immediately by asking at your local health center.
Meanwhile, "capsule" or "tablet" hydrogen supplements, which claim to generate solid negative hydrogen ions, are available on the market. However, either they do not generate hydrogen at all or they are mixed with something that violates the Food Sanitation Law (they are not disclosed in ingredient labeling.) This is scientifically impossible.
In extreme cases, no hydrogen is contained at all in available products including bottled hydrogen water and drinks that are called hydrogen water and stored in mini plastic containers never contain hydrogen at all (i.e., they are falsely labeled.) Did you know that the advantageous effects of alkali ion water emanate from contained hydrogen? According to our investigation, the hydrogen quantity contained therein is approximately 0.05 ppm (i.e., approximately 1/100 of our products).
Lastly, although it is advertised that hydrogen is contained in world-brand-name water, such as "Lourdes water", "Tlacote water", "Nordenau water", "Hunza water", or subsurface water from a region of Japan, they never contain any hydrogen.

These facts are summarized in the following table.

Your local health center is a public institution of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for protecting your health. Consultation is free of charge, and advice on whether the hydrogen water you drink violates the Food Sanitation Law will be given immediately. Through such advice, we expect that products violating regulations will be banished from the market.

Unless all those products disappear from the market, dawn of a new era for hydrogen will not come. To implement the "paradigm shift" based on hydrogen for health and medical treatment, we consider that turning away from those products is a sin.

The next important point is the advantageous effect that hydrogen will provide against bad active oxygen. Users do not have a means for measuring the amount of hydrogen contained in hydrogen-rich water or hydrogen-rich supplement they drink. In other words, users are actually under the providers' thumb.
Excerpt from Chemistry dictionary published by Tokyo Kagaku Dojin publishing Co.
We have become acutely aware of the necessity for a reagent with which everyone can measure hydrogen concentration easily and have finally succeeded in development of such a reagent, thereby preventing users from purchasing hydrogen water containing no or very little hydrogen. (Patent number: JP 4511361)
This result was subjected to rigorous examination and passed. A thesis was published in this year’s February issue of the U.S. medicine magazine "Medical Gas Research".

We expect that this reagent causes those zero-hydrogen products to be pulled out of the market. (Note that this reagent is also capable of measuring products claiming to generate hydrogen in a body.)

Our invention
In our living space at ordinary temperature under ordinary pressure, intake of hydrogen water with super-rich hydrogen concentration of "5.0 ppm" hss been impossible up until now. However, we have attained this dream after 17 years. We already have a patent right for the technology from Japan.

□JP 4652479: "Hydrogenation device for solution for a living body "JP 4652479: "Hydrogenation device for solution for a living body "
□JP 4744641: "Hydrogenation device for solution for a living body"
□JP 4756102: "Hydrogenation device for solution for a living body"
□JP 4769903: "Nondestructive device for generating hydrogen highly concentrated solution"
□JP 4950352: "Hydrogenation device for solution for a living body"
□JP 5038546: "Nondestructive device for generating hydrogen highly concentrated solution"

* These patent applications are being filed in 21 nations worldwide.
The higher the hydrogen concentration,
the more bad active oxygen can be eliminated.
The following graph shows hydrogen concentrations we have actually measured. If you drink products with zero hydrogen concentration, this is a serious problem. Please refer to the graph. (Note that ppm denotes parts per million indicating concentration)
Hydrogen water
Of 788 food additives (revised in 2011), what can generate hydrogen water are only hydrogen, iron, aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. Even if hydrogen adheres to silica, coral, or zeolite, retaining it is impossible (the hydrogen measuring reagent allows measurement thereof.) Moreover, such a claim that measurement of generated hydrogen outside of the body is impossible because hydrogen is generated by the so-called "Negative Hydrogen Ion" only in the body is a fallacy.

At present, there are no products, such as hydrogen generating agents, hydrogen sticks, and hydrogen supplements, that conform to the Food Sanitation Law.

However, there is only one product that does not violate this law. It is our "Hydrogen water 7.0." It is our achievement over 17 years.
Our message regarding hydrogen water:
- Hydrogen exists in the universe and inside of our bodies.
- Research of medical use of Hydrogen has been
progressing overseas and domestically.

- Active oxygen is a cause of aging and sickness.
- Hydrogen can even enter cells because it is the smallest substance.
- Hydrogen eliminates only what is called bad Active oxygen.
- Hydrogen, unlike vitamin tablets etc., can never be an oxide.
- Hydrogen should be drunk immediately after it is generated as it does not keep well.
- the higher Hydrogen concentration, the better.
- a Hydrogen measuring reagent should be used to determine existence of hydrogen.
"Our product is freshly made hydrogen water, has a super-rich hydrogen concentration, may be used not only as water but tea, sport drink, etc., and conforms to the Food Sanitation Law and Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Lagniappes and Misleading Representation." What satisfies these conditions is only "Hydrogen water 7.0". If new products not falling under the categories of "false labeling", "violation of the Food Hygiene Law", or "violation of the Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Lagniappes and Misleading Representation" other than our products appear, we wish to share the future of hydrogen with them.
A completely new innovative way of thinking: "We must take responsibility of hydrogen concentration"
"Hydrogen water 7.0"
: Hydrogen-rich water with a hydrogen concentration of 7.0 ppm that now comes with the world’s first "hydrogen measuring reagent"

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Hydrogen water 7.0
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