We would like to provide real hydrogen-rich water. It has taken us 17 years.
'Hydrogen water 7.0'
The world's first 5 techniques
This is a concentration of 7 to 70 times that of products circulating the market.
Hydrogen concentration can be accurately and easily measured just like using pH and a chloride concentration reagent.
Hydrogen can be added to a wide range of beverages except for carbonated beverages.
There are very few patents
for hydrogen water and
hydrogen supplements.
All hydrogen generating agents and hydrogen supplements violates the law.
We would like to provide only true
information about hydrogen water.

Application of the ‘power of hydrogen’
for prevention of oxidation of cells
Dr. Ishibashi at Haradoi Hospital
Hydrogen is attracting attention
nowadays in the anti-aging field.
Hydrogen has high expectations as it eliminates active oxygen, protects against aging starting with blemishes, wrinkles, and sagging, and various diseases, and has the power to maintain a person’s body to be healthy and young. We asked Dr. Ishibashi who works at medical sites in Fukuoka City, Japan about hydrogen water.
Aging is oxidation of cells
Aging put simply is oxidation of cells. While everyone knows that oxygen is necessary for humans, oxygen is actually highly toxic. Through the long process of evolution of natural life, mitochondria within cells make it possible to create energy effectively using oxygen and introducing it therein. As a result, oxygen has become necessary to maintain human life.
However, as humans utilize the oxygen, reactive oxygen species are generated within the body simultaneously.
Reactive oxygen species have a function of oxidizing cells, namely advancing the aging process. When young, the power of repairing oxidation is stronger than power of oxidation, and thus the aging process does not progress much. However, with aging, the power of oxidation becomes stronger, and thus the aging process progresses.
What is reactive oxygen species? What are the most powerful hydroxy! radicals of bad reactive oxygen?
Reactive oxygen species actually has a role of fighting against leucocytes and pathogenic bacteria, and is therefore not all bad for humans. However, reactive oxygen called hydroxy! radicals is particularly considered to be harmful. The hydroxy! radicals that are one of reactive oxygen species not only cause blemishes, wrinkles, body odor of aged persons, etc., which are characteristics of old age, to humans, they also influence the human DNA and are thought to cause serious diseases such as cancer, ather osclerosis, diabetes, kidney diseases, and liver diseases.
Now, hydrogen is attracting attention as an ideal antioxidant.
Hydrogen is an oxidant that works only against hydroxy! radicals, the most troublesome reactive oxygen. Hydrogen reacts to only hydroxy! radicals harmful to the human body. This is extremely interesting.

By the way, what is the difference
between hydrogen water and other antioxidants?
It only reacts to bad reactive oxygen.
While hydrogen does not react to reactive oxygen species needed by the body, it bonds to violently bad reactive oxygen, converts it into water, and discharges it from the body.
Hydrogen (H2) + reactive oxygen (•OH) → water (H2O)
Permeates quickly throughout the entire body
Since hydrogen molecules are the smallest substances in the universe, they permeate throughout the entire body, passing through cell membranes. As a result, they fight off bad reactive oxygen generated within the cells.
Over-saturated hydrogen water is not a problem no matter how much is taken in
The higher the concentration of hydrogen, the better its capability of eliminating bad reactive oxygen.

Hydrogen water 7.0
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